Meet The 2014 Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad!

For some, The Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad may be a new experience for them, but The Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad has been around for FOUR years now, and it is going stronger than ever. So in honor of National Day Day, we would like to introduce you to The 2014 Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad!

2014 Dance Squad Photo
The 2014 Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad: (from left to right) Rachel Tovar, Shannon Flanagan, Lexi Schlaifer, Cindy George, Amy Oliver, and Bridget Carmichael.

Headed once again by choreographer Rachel Tovar, this year’s Dance Squad members include:

  • Rachel Tovar (Choreographer)
  • Shannon Flanagan
  • Lexi Schlaifer
  • Cindy George
  • Bridget Carmichael
  • Amy Oliver

This dance company, now in its fourth year, has gone on to create some of the most vital and memorable moments during the Kelsey Theatre Award ceremony, year after year. The Dance Squad repertoire includes Broadway-style, hip-hop, and contemporary. This year, The 2014 Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad will be performing during the live 2014 Kelsey Awards ceremony on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 8pm inside The Kelsey Theatre. This year’s award ceremony is hosted by Jaimie McMillin, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo. CLICK HERE for ticket information and show details! (Tickets for this ceremony are going quick, so we suggest getting them ASAP!)

Back in 2009, Kyrus Keenan Westcott created an Internet awards showcase called The Kelsey Theatre Awards. In 2009 and 2010, The Kelsey Award results were revealed online. The former Internet-only awards grew so much in popularity that Kyrus Keenan Westcott and M. Kitty Getlik, the Artistic Director of The Kelsey Theatre, decided to reveal the winners of each category as a live event. Since 2011, The Kelsey Awards have included a fun and memorable live ceremony that has brought together Kelsey Theatre performers, creative teams, and producers from every production company that call The Kelsey Theatre home.

While putting together the live ceremony for the first time back in 2011, Kyrus had the idea for a “chorus” of people to perform in the opening number of the show. It was at this point that he brought in choreographer Rachel Tovar to assist him in making this idea work. It was at this point that Rachel suggested the idea of a “dance company” to perform throughout the live ceremony as entertainment in between each award that was given out. From there, after throwing ideas off of each other for a while, Kyrus and Rachel conceived The Kelsey Theatre Dance Squad.



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