#KelseyAwardWeek: Who Are the Supporting Actress Nominees?

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Hello and welcome to #KelseyAwardWeek, which is this exciting week leading up to The 2014 Kelsey Awards, taking place this Saturday at 8pm inside The Kelsey Theatre! As previously announced, The 2014 Kelsey Awards will be hosted by Jaimie McMillin, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo! Tickets are going VERY fast, so it is highly suggested that you purchase your tickets online ASAP before it sells out. CLICK HERE for ticket information.

For #KelseyAwardWeek, we will be highlighting various nominees that are up for an award in the major categories this year! Today, we are going to kick #KelseyAwardWeek off by looking at the nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical!


Mariel Rosati – The 39 Steps

Mariel Rosati as “Annabella,” “Margaret,” and “Pamela” in THE 39 STEPS

In this fast-paced play adaptation, 4 actors – 3 men and 1 woman play ALL the roles. Mariel, with intense precision, earned her first Kelsey Award nomination for her portrayal of three vital female characters in ONE show. As Annabelle, she was the beautiful, mysterious woman the lead male meets in a London Theatre … as Pamela, she was the attractive woman the lead male meets on a train to Scotland as he runs from the police … and as Margaret, she was the wife of farmer who flirts with the lead male, enraging her husband, and eventually helps our hero get away when the police are at the door. Not only is Mariel an incredibly talented, but she’s ridiculously fun to watch on stage.


Stephanie Moon in last season’s Avenue Q.

Stephanie Moon as “Antoinette” in A FLEA IN HER EAR

In this role, Stephanie played a small, but extremely memorably role – a performance that earned Stephanie her first individual Kelsey Award nomination. After delighting the audiences last season as Christmas Eve in Avenue Q, she returned this season as Antoinette in A Flea in Her Ear, a calculating woman who tells lies and backs them up with alibis, which keeps her husband from catching her in the act of cheating.


Hannah Adamy in As You Like It

Hannah Adamy as “Audrey” in AS YOU LIKE IT

In this role, Hannah’s character of Audrey is a country bumpkin-ette who is looking for love. The way that Hannah approached Audrey’s linguistic issues was nothing short of brilliant, and audiences immediately fell in love. Hannah easily portrayed Audrey’s marriage to Touchstone as one of lust, not necessarily love. This is Hannah’s first Kelsey Award nomination.


Jenne Carey – Master Class

Jenne Carey as “Sophie DePalma” in MASTER CLASS

When Jenne first opens up to sing, she easily surprises the entire audience. This first soprano has one of the prettiest operatic voices you will hear in New Jersey, and audiences were very fortunate to catch her on The Kelsey Theatre stage. Jenne’s character is sensitive, but courageous. Not afraid to ask questions to the intimidating Maria Callas, and beautifully sang Bellini’s Sonnambila aria “Ah non credea mirati.” This is Jenne’s first Kelsey Award nomination.


Eileen Cooper – Master Class

Eileen Cooper as “Sharon Graham” in MASTER CLASS

Much like Eileen’s co-star Jenne, Kelsey Theatre audiences were extremely lucky to catch Eileen’s gorgeous second soprano voice. When Eileen finally sang through Verdi’s “Macbetto,” Lady M’s Letter aria, you couldn’t help but feel chills up and down your body. And on top of being a great singer, she also gave a great emotional performance as well, showcasing her diverse skills amongst a cast full of great talent. This is Eileen’s first Kelsey Award nomination.



Maria Aromando – Les Miserables

Maria Aromando as “Madame Thenardier” in LES MISERABLES

How could anyone forget to acknowledge Maria’s merry antics as one-half of the conniving Thenardiers, the innkeepers from whom Valjean rescues the abused young Cosette. Maria infused a mostly self-serious musical with some appealing comic vulgarity from her first scene until her last. Always a jow


Samantha Sharpe in Les Miserables.

Samantha Sharpe as “Eponine” in LES MISERABLES

As Eponine, who dies of unrequited love (and a bullet didn’t help) for Marius, Samantha deservedly earned her first Kelsey Award nomination. Samantha sings with great sensitivity and her performance of “On My Own” was the show stopping number of the entire run. And she clearly peeled into the subtext of both her characterizations and her lyrics.


Caitlin Tierney – Les Miserables

Caitlin Tierney as “Cosette” in LES MISERABLES

Caitlin, who is no stranger to the Kelsey Theatre stage, returned from a theater hiatus and took on oen of the most coveted female roles in all of musical theater, earning her first Kelsey Award nomination. She was pretty, she was sweet, and was pretty much everything you’d look for in a Cosette and more. Her chemistry with Valjean was spot-on from their first scene together.


Gina Migliaccio (left) in Peter Pan.

Gina Migliaccio as “Smee” in PETER PAN

The character of Smee in Peter Pan’s story often goes unrecognized, and is often undervalued. Gina made sure that she went out of her way to dispel those traditions, and as a result, she earned her first Kelsey Award nomination. The Supporting Actress in a Musical field was quite crowded, and Gina’s performance as Smee, amongst other huge supporting characters in other musicals, simply stood out and was so fun to watch.


Dominique Marie Shaw – Shrek the Musical

Dominique Marie Shaw as “Gingerbread Man” and “Sugar Plum Fairy” in SHREK THE MUSICAL

When the movie came out, obviously people remembered the main characters, but it was the supporting characters that made the movie great. Dominique did a fantastic job at bringing two of those memorable characters to life, earning Dominique her first Kelsey Award nomination. She easily has one of the best pop voices in all of Kelsey Theatre, and this hilarious actress (who now lives in Chicago), had hundreds of people talking about her performance after each and every show. Deservedly so.

So who will win?! Find out on Saturday, August 16th during The 2014 Kelsey Awards! Hosted by Jaimie McMillin, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo! Tickets are going VERY quickly, so CLICK HERE for all the information you need!

And be sure to continue following us during #KelseyAwardWeek!


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