#KelseyAwardWeek: Who Are the Supporting Actor Nominees?

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Hello and welcome to #KelseyAwardWeek, which is this exciting week leading up to The 2014 Kelsey Awards, taking place this Saturday at 8pm inside The Kelsey Theatre! As previously announced, The 2014 Kelsey Awards will be hosted by Jaimie McMillin, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo! Tickets are going VERY fast, so it is highly suggested that you purchase your tickets online ASAP before it sells out. CLICK HERE for ticket information.

For #KelseyAwardWeek, we will be highlighting various nominees that are up for an award in the major categories this year! Today, we are going to continue #KelseyAwardWeek by looking at the nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical!


Casey Woods (lower right) in The 39 Steps

Casey Woods as “Richard Hannay” – THE 39 STEPS

Casey earned his first Kelsey Award nominations by successfully portraying Richard Hannay, the hapless hero of the play. Casey did a wonderful job at showing how Richard Hannay was an ordinary man who has led a pretty hum-drum existence. When he finds himself fleeing from the wrongful accusation of murder through a series of improbable adventures, his talent really started to shine.

Joe Zedeny (right) in A Flea In Her Ear

Joe Zedeny as “Romaine Tournel” – A FLEA IN HER EAR

Joe is no stranger to the Kelsey Theatre stage, and he is definitely no stranger to The Kelsey Awards. In 2011, Joe won his first Kelsey Award in the Villain category, and no he is deservedly in the Supporting Actor category, after a hilarious performance as Romaine Tournel, the immoral ladies man who is attempting to have an affair with his employer’s wife.


Tim Walton in Master Class

Timothy Walton as “Anthony Candolino” – MASTER CLASS

Timothy won his first Kelsey Award last year in the Villain category, and now he’s back in the Supporting category. In Master Class , Timothy was, as usual, a very strong operatic tenor voice, who beautifully sang Cavaradossi’s first act aria from Puccini’s “Tosca,” “Dammi I colori.” Everybody loves hearing Timothy sing.


Dale Simon (third from left) and Garrett Verdone (fourth from right) rehearsing for Much Ado About Nothing.

Dale Simon as “Leonato” – MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

Dale Simon earns his first Kelsey Award nomination by playing Leonato, the governor of Messina, and a person in which the honor of his family is very important. When it becomes clear that his closest acquaintance, Don Pedro, wants to destroy his family’s honor, his performance becomes very, very memorable and unique.

Garrett Verdone as “Claudio” – MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

Garrett’s turn as Claudio is not only worthy, but it’s also very passionate. And as a result, Garrett has earned his first Kelsey Award nomination. Garrett did a wonderful job at differentiating how Claudio was brave in battle, yet extremely young and naïve as well. Throughout the play, Garrett showcased Claudio’s  swing from love to despair to revenge.





Jon Polanco in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Jonathan Polanco as “Hysterium” – A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM

Jonathan was nominated last year in this same category for his role in Cabaret, and he has hilariously stormed back into this conversation with his ridiculously funny and physically demanding turn as Hysterium. With improv and comedic powerhouse John Zimmerman by his side, Jon successfully held his own and provided some of the most memorable moments in the entire production.


Elio Lleo in Les Miserables

Elio Lleo as “Javert” – LES MISERABLES

Elio earned his first Kelsey Award nomination after he delivered a commanding, multi-layered, dark performance as Javert. His booming, flawless baritone vocals and acting craft were combined, and resulted in a major crowd pleaser of a number with his major solo, “Stars.” Past actors playing Javert seemed to stay on the same level of “brooding villain” for this character – but not Elio.


Roman Sohor (left) in Les Miserables

Roman Sohor as “M. Thenardier” – LES MISERABLES

Roman, who is no stranger to the New Jersey theatre scene, earned his first Kelsey Award nomination, playing one-half of the comedic, villainous Thenardier duo. Roman, and his partner (played by Maria Aromando), steal almost every scene they are in with their fresh, hysterical approach to their characters. Roman definitely squeezes the laughs out of you and his comedic timing is on perfect display during his “Master of the House” show-stopper.


Nick Pecht in Shrek the Musical

Nicholas Pecht as “Lord Farquaad” – SHREK THE MUSICAL

Nicholas is a previous Kelsey Award nominee and winner, having won in the Villain category (alongside Joe Zedeny) back in 2011. Now, he has returned with a bang in his over-the-top and ridiculously fun portrayal of Lord Farquaad. Nicholas’ ultra campy version of this character delighted audiences both young and old. Part of the fun and uniqueness was his clever costume. Little to nothing is done to disguise the fact that he spent most of the show walking around on his knees, which was both symbolic and clever physical comedy.


Kyrus Keenan Westcott in Shrek the Musical

Kyrus Keenan Westcott as “Donkey” – SHREK THE MUSICAL

This review was written by Nicky Singer:

“Kyrus Keenan Westcott brings Donkey’s character to the campus stage, but with a grand interpretation. Mr .Westcott’s Donkey is sassier, funnier, and sincerer than previous versions; by bows, you will wonder why Mr. Westcott’s version wasn’t the original version.”

So who will win?! Find out on Saturday, August 16th during The 2014 Kelsey Awards! Hosted by Jaimie McMillin, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo! Tickets are going VERY quickly, so CLICK HERE for all the information you need!

And be sure to continue following us during #KelseyAwardWeek!


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