M&M Stage Productions Announces Auditions for ‘Miracle on 34th Street – The Musical’






Saturday, September 13 & Sunday, September 14 (1:00-5:00)


  • 32 bars of a standard musical theatre song.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for light dancing. 
  • Readings will be from script.
  • Bring an updated picture and resumé.

All roles are open. 

To schedule audition time visit: auditions@mandmstage.com


Single mother, Doris Walker, doesn’t want her six-year old daughter Susan’s head filled with romantic notions. Their neighbor Fred Gailey tries to woo Doris by charming Susan and taking her to see Santa Claus at Macy’s, Doris is not impressed, but Macy’s Santa may in fact be the real Kris Kringle, and a wave of love spreads across New York City that melts even the most cynical hearts.


Kris Kringle (M, Baritone, 50 – 70s) Kind old man who truly believes he is Santa Claus.

Doris Walker (F, Mezzo, 25-40) Special events coordinator at Macy’s. Single mother.

Susan Walker (F, Soprano, 6-9) Daughter of Doris, wise beyond her years with a natural curiosity.

Fred Gaily (M, Baritone, 25 – 40) Neighbor and friend of Doris and Susan. Attorney.

Mr. Shellhammer (M, Baritone, 25 – 70) Manager of Macy’s Toy Department. Assistant of Doris.

Mr. Sawyer (M, Baritone, 40 – 75) Macy’s psychologist

Mr. Gimbel (M, Baritone, 40-75) Owner of Gimbel’s Department Store

Newsboy (M or F, Alto 7-16) Sells paper about the trial

Mr. Macy (M,40 – 70) Tycoon who is very concerned with public opinion and publicity

Judge Henry Harper (M, 30 – 60) Knows his civic duty

Thomas Mara (M, 30–60) Prosecuting Attorney

Charlie Halloran (M, 30-60) Judge Harper’s political advisor

Drunken Santa (M, 18-75) Former Santa for Macy’s

Mabel (F, 18-60) Employed by Macy’s to be Santa’s elf

Becca (F, 7-12) Child that meets Kris Kringle at Macy’s

Mother 1 (F, 30-40) Becca’s mother

Mother 2 (F, 20-30) A pleased customer

Violet (F, 7-10) A deaf girl that Kris signs to

Mother 3 (F, 20-60) Violet’s mother

Mother 4 (F, 20-60) A pleased customer

Dr. Pierce (M, 30-60) Kris’s former physician

Thomas Mara, Jr (M, 7-12) Thomas Mara’s son

Ensemble (M & F, all ages): Many parts, including customers, choir, parents, pedestrians. Speaking and non-speaking parts.


Fri, November 13 & 20 @ 8pm

Sat, November 14 & 21 @ 2 & 8pm

Sun, November 15 & 22 @ 2pm


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