KELSEY CASTING CALL: MPO Announce Auditions for ‘Lend Me A Tenor’

Currently in the middle of their impressive and haunting run of Count Dracula, Maurer Productions OnStage is already looking toward continuing their successful theatrical adventures with their upcoming production of Lend Me A Tenor, which is set to open in February of 2015. Today, the popular production company announced their auditions for this classic show.


It is the biggest night in the history of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. The world-famous tenor, Tito Merelli, is to perform his greatest role, Otello. Henry Saunders, the opera’s executive director, has high hopes that Merelli’s performance will put Cleveland on the operatic map. However, when Merelli arrives late it becomes painfully clear that Tito is in shaky shape to perform. He is suffering from a terrible stomachache and is at odds with his wife over his preoccupation with women. Henry’s assistant Max try’s to help out by secretly giving Merelli some tranquilizers, not knowing that Merelli has already taken a double dose.

Dazed after ingesting a triple dose of tranquilizers, which he has unwittingly mixed with a large amount of Chianti, Merelli passes out. Max, finding Tito unconscious, gripping his wife’s “Dear John” letter, mistakes if for a suicide note and believes Tito has killed himself.

From here on, the play unfolds into a riotous and unpredictable explosion of mistaken identities and renewed love! A sensation on Broadway and in London’s West End, this madcap, screwball comedy is guaranteed to leave you teary-eyed with laughter.

Set to be directed by John M. Maurer, auditions are set to take place Saturday, November 15th from 12pm-5pm and Sunday, November 16th from 12pm-5pm. The auditions will take place on the campus of Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, New Jersey.


Go to to get all the audition info and sign up for an audition slot. If you have questions please call 609 882-2292.


ALL ROLES ARE OPEN. Ages listed are just a guideline.

Max: Male – Mid-30s — Max is the assistant to Mr. Saunders, head of the Cleveland Opera Company. He is in charge of babysitting Tito Merelli, a great opera singer who is engaged to perform for the opera this evening. Max must make sure Tito gets to the concert. A bit of a nerd, an opera lover, and a trained opera singer, Max wishes he had more courage and more confidence. He is in love with Maggie. Max must be able to sing (or fake it well) as a talented operatic tenor.

Maggie: Female – Late 20’s — Pretty and quirky, Maggie is the daughter of Saunders and a music lover. Besotted with Tito and dreams of a great romantic fling before she settles down, she is, for now, refusing to marry Max.

Saunders: Male – Mid 50’s — Authoritarian, excitable. Head of the Cleveland Opera Company. Worried that things will go wrong – and doesn’t handle it too well when everything does. He is an uptight man with a short fuse, and mostly takes out on Max.

Tito Merelli: Male – Mid 40’s — World class Italian opera singer (think Pavorotti) with an appetite for wine, women, and women. Oh and yes, song. Tito speaks with a thick Italian accent and must believably sing as a world class operatic tenor.

Maria (Tito’s Wife): Female – 39-ish — Maria is a beautiful, but moody and hot-blooded Italian woman who is married to Tito. Sophia Loren type. Maria is extremely jealous of Tito’s philandering and she is ready to call it quits. Maria speaks in a thick Italian accent.

Julia: Female – Mid 50 — Society matron. President of the Opera Guild. Desperate to hobnob with Tito.

Diana: Female – Mid 30’s — Very sexy soprano who wants to use Tito to further her career aspirations. She’s willing to do anything (Yes Anything) for the favor. (Does not need to sing)

Bellhop: Male – Late 20’s — Italian-speaking, opera-singing, hardworking, all-knowing bellhop who is desperate to get a picture with Tito. Must be able to sing (or fake it well) as a wannabe opera star.


Friday, February 20th & 27th, 2015 at 8pm
Saturday, February 21st & 28th, 2015 at 8pm
Sunday, February 22nd & March 1st, 2015 at 2pm

Go to to get all the audition info and sign up for an audition slot. If you have questions please call 609 882-2292.



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