Ky’s Top 10 Kelsey Theatre Moments of 2014

Wow… 2014 flew by, didn’t it? It flew by for many because 2014 was full of so many amazing moments inside of Kelsey Theatre. In honor of this year coming to a close, let’s take a look at ten Kelsey Theatre moments that stood out from the rest!

10 – Vicki Verrelli at The 2014 Kelsey Awards

This summer, we celebrated the 2013-2014 Kelsey Theatre season at The 2014 Kelsey Awards (more on that later), and one of the most memorable moments of the entire ceremony was when Kitty Getlik surprised longtime usher Vicki Verrelli with the very first Volunteer of the Year Award.

Over the years, Vicki has become one of the most welcoming and warm-hearted people you will ever meet, and honoring her at the Kelsey Awards this season was one of the most memorable moments of 2014.

The cast of Pierrot Production’s “The Secret Garden”

9 – Bill Kamps and Jeff Price Singing “Lily’s Eyes” in The Secret Garden

Most musical theater nerds love the song “Lily’s Eyes.” But to finally hear it inside Kelsey Theatre, and sung by these two fantastic actors… audiences were thrilled every single night. The show, as a whole, was a joy to watch, and featured amazing performances from the cast all-around, but this number gave the audience chills night after night.

Elizabeth Rzasa and Chris Neuman at the Frozen sing-a-long at Kelsey.

8 – The Frozen Sing-a-longs

Well, Disney isn’t the only company capitalizing on the phenomenon known as Frozen. When the movie released in 2013, it was an immediate hit at the box office, and to this day, it continues to be one of the most popular thing ever. (Does anybody NOT know the song “Let It Go”?)

With the popularity of Frozen soaring, Kelsey Theatre and Theater-to-Go has sold out multiple Frozen sing-a-long performances, starring Kelsey veterans Elizabeth Rzasa, Chris Neuman, and Jonathan Polanco. And they will most likely continue to sell-out the next two sing-a-long performances on January 24th at 10am and 2pm. (CLICK HERE for ticket information.)

Lynn Baskin and JW Guido in The Pennington Player’s production of Big River.

7 – Big River at The 2014 Perry Awards

The Kelsey Theatre was well represented this year at The 2014 Perry Awards in Somerset, New Jersey. Not only were multiple Kelsey shows and actors and nominated, but Yardley Players actually walked away with a WIN in the Stage Management category for their production of Peter Pan.

But the highlight of the night was when the cast and creative team of The Pennington Player’s production of Big River took the stage and performed a medley. The cast contained a mix of both deaf and hearing actors, something that had many fixated on the stage in amazement.

At the conclusion of the performance, having close to 1,000 theater go-ers raising their hands giving the deaf sign for applause was one of the most memorable sights of the evening.

Laurie Hardy in Master Class

6 – Laurie Hardy in “Master Class”

You want to talk about amazing performances? Well, you can’t talk about performances without talking about Laurie Hardy’s portrayal of Maria Callas in Terrence McNally’s Master Class. Not only was her performance one of the best of the season, but it was one of the best Kelsey Theatre has ever seen.

Laurie was honored with the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play award at the 2014 Kelsey Awards.

Speaking of…

5 – The 2014 Kelsey Awards

Every summer, The Kelsey Awards honor the best performances and shows from the previous season. This season was full of some extremely memorable moments, more than any other year.

Did you miss the 2014 Kelsey Awards? Or do you want to just relive some of the most memorable moments? CLICK HERE for a full breakdown of what went down and who walked away with awards!

The Three Fionas – Julianna Zannikos, Kim Cupo, and Caroline Purdy perform “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek the Musical during The 2014 Kelsey Awards.

4 – Julianna Zannikos, Kim Cupo and Caroline Purdy Singing “I Know It’s Today” in Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical. You either hate it, or you love it. But no matter what your opinion of the show is, there is no denying that the song “I Know It’s Today” is one of the most beautiful songs written for musical theater over the past 10 years.

It’s a gorgeous song, and I was very fortunate to be able to hear three beautiful young women sing this song to perfection every single day. Julianna, Kim and Caroline rocked this song out every rehearsal and performance. Laurie Gougher staged the song perfectly, and Peter de Mets musically directed the song so well that people often bring up that moment to me when the show is discussed. Awesome job!

Samantha Sharpe as "Eponine" in Les Miserables.

Samantha Sharpe as “Eponine” in Les Miserables.

3 – Samantha Sharpe Singing “On My Own” in Les Miserables

I mean, can anybody really dispute this? Samantha Sharpe is an amazing vocalist, and audiences’ jaws dropped every time she began to belt out this memorable song. Every musical theater nerd knows this song, and we all have high expectations of it – well, let’s just say that Samantha surpassed every expectation of that song and made it stand out in an already memorable show.

Samantha went on to win the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical award at the 2014 Kelsey Awards. Which surprised no one. It was well deserved.

The beautiful and hilarious hosts of the 2014 Kelsey Awards.

The beautiful and hilarious hosts of the 2014 Kelsey Awards.

2- #JMK

Jaimie McMillin. Maria Aromando. Kim Cupo. Also known as #JMK.

These three ladies hosted the 2014 Kelsey Awards. I don’t even know how to describe how funny these three women were as the emcees of this huge event.

Why am I even trying to explain it… let’s take a look at some highlights of them hosting…

JMK – “Bump & Grind” Sketch:

JMK – “Let It Go” Sketch:

JMK – “The 2014 Pun War” Sketch:

JMK – “Take Me or Leave Me” Sketch:

JMK – “Part of That World” Sketch:

HONORABLE MENTION: Abigail Bastian, Elizabeth Ferrara and Charlotte Gougher assuming the roles of #MiniJMK during the ceremony was definitely a top highlight of 2014.

Samantha Sharpe and James Petro performing selections from Les Miserables at the 2014 Kelsey Awards.

1 – “One Day More”

It’s pointless to have me explain how amazing this number was to watch and listen to… just watch their performance at the 2014 Kelsey Awards…

I’ve seen many shows at the Kelsey Theatre, and not once have I ever seen an audience give a standing ovation going into intermission.

This show went on to win many awards that night at the 2014 Kelsey Awards, including Outstanding Production of a Musical.

2014 was full of a lot of amazing moments, and I have no doubt that 2015 will be filled with even more!


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