“Jesus Christ Superstar” Now Eligible for The 2015 Kelsey Awards


What’s the buzz?! We’ll tell you! Playful Theatre’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar is now eligible for The 2015 Kelsey Awards!

After a successful run inside The Kelsey Theatre late last year, JCS has filed all the necessary paperwork and is now eligible to participate in The 2015 Kelsey Awards this summer.

Let’s take a look at what awards the show is eligible for:

  • Outstanding Production of a Musical
  • Outstanding Sound Design – Evan Paine
  • Outstanding Lighting Design – Starrika McCloud
  • Outstanding Costume & Makeup Design – Michelle Rittman
  • Outstanding Set & Scenic Design – Bryan Schendlinger
  • Outstanding Vocal & Music Direction – Shannon Ferrara & Mike Gilch
  • Outstanding Director of a Musical – Frank Ferrara
  • Singer of the Year – Michael Scibilia
  • Outstanding Kelsey Theatre Debut Performance – Ben Simons (Pilate) and Richard Damaso (Judas)
  • Outstanding Musical Number – “Simon Zealotes”
  • Outstanding Villain – Evan Bilinski (Caiaphas) and Maria Aromando (Herod)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress – Tia Brown (Simon Zealotes) and Maria Aromando (Herod)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor – Ben Simons (Pilate), Evan Bilinski (Caiaphas), and Michael Zweig (Peter)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical – Vianna Fagel (Mary)
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical – Richard Damaso (Judas)

Congratulations to the cast, crew and creative team of JCS! And stay tuned for more information regarding The 2015 Kelsey Awards!


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