Pennington Players’ ‘PICASSO’ Set for a Special Preview This Weekend in Princeton


A short (10-15 minute) staged reading of the Steve Martin play “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” at the Historical Society of Princeton performed by The Pennington Players. Readings will be at 12:00 noon and at 2:00 pm at the Bainbridge House, 158 Nassau Street, Princeton, in the main Einstein gallery.

KelseyExtra: Click Here to Read The 2015 Kelsey Awards Announcement!

Pi Day celebrates Einstein’s Birthday (3.14) which is the numerical equivalent of Pi. Einstein lived in Princeton for over 20 years, so on Pi Day, the heart of Princeton celebrates his birthday and all their resident geniuses.

The play imagines what might have happened if Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso met in a Parisienne bar in 1904. Both are on the verge of their greatest achievements as they discuss the nature of talent and genius. A host of quirky characters add to the whimsical hilarity that ensues as they all anticipate the future and the possibilities it might bring!

There is a $4 admission fee to the Bainbridge House, admission is free for members of the Historical Society.

Come out and support the Pennington Players on Pi Day!!


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