‘Romeo & Juliet” Now Eligible for Nomination at The 2015 Kelsey Awards!

Brianna Rapp dances the Juliet role and Nick Concepcion is Romeo in the Prokoviev ballet that will be blended into the Shakespeare classic.

After a very successful run inside The Kelsey Theatre eariler this month, MCCC’s Academic Theatre Program’s groundbreaking and innovative production of Romeo & Juliet is now eligible for nomination at The 2015 Kelsey Awards, set to take place Saturday, July 25, 2015 inside The Kelsey Theatre!

Kelsey Xtra: Click Here to Read The 2015 Kelsey Awards Announcement!

Here are all of the awards that this production is eligible for nomination for:

  • Outstanding Production of a Play
  • Outstanding Sound Design – Eric Collins
  • Outstanding Lighting Design – Robert Terrano
  • Outstanding Costume & Make-up Design – Kate Pinner & Koren Zander
  • Outstanding Set & Scenic Design – Kate Pinner & Jim Petro
  • Outstanding Choreography – Jody P. Gazenbeek-Person
  • Outstanding Director of a Play – LouJ Stalsworth
  • Outstanding Vocal & Music Direction – Laurie Gougher & Eileen Cooper
  • Outstanding Comic Performance – Nicholas J. Andrejco as “Nurse”
  • Outstanding Kelsey Theatre Debut Performance
    • Brianna Rapp as “Dancing Juliet”
    • Nickemil Concepcion as “Dancing Romeo”
  • Villain of the Year – Tristan Takacs as “Tybalt”
  • Outstanding Theatrical Romantic Couple – Brianna Rapp & Nickemil Concepcion as “Dancing Romeo & Juliet”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play
    • Jonathan Polanco as “Mercutio”
    • Tristan Takacs as “Tybalt”
    • Nicolas J. Andrejco as “Nurse”
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play – Brianna Rapp as “Dancing Juliet”
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play – Nickemil Concepcion as “Dancing Romeo”


The Kelsey Theatre Awards are presented by K2KEntertainment and The Kelsey Theatre Advisory Board. They both have jointly administered the Kelsey Awards since 2011, the year of the first live Kelsey Award ceremony. The awards, however, have been handed out since 2009.

What sets this event apart from any other theater community theater award events is the fact that the general public (you) choose the winners in each category, including Outstanding Production of a Musical. Throughout the summer, the general public will vote for their favorite production and/or performers from the previous season. To learn more about the voting process and the award rules,CLICK HERE.


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