2016 Kelsey Awards – How the Voting Works

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At The Kelsey Awards, over the course of two rounds, you get to decide who’s nominated and who wins. Wanna know how it all works? You’ve come to right place! Here’s a quick run down on how you can choose the winners!

Voting – Round 1

The first round of voting will take place June 27-July 2, 2016. This round lists all eligible shows and performers. The voters will select the candidates that they feel should be nominated for a Kelsey Award. The 4 candidates with the most votes in Round 1 will become 2016 nominees and move on to Round 2.

To see a list of every production and performer eligible for a 2016 nomination so far, click here.

Announcement of the Nominees

The 2016 nominees will be announced LIVE in a streamed announcement ceremony on Sunday, July 3 at 12:00pm on the Kelsey Report Facebook page.

Voting – Round 2

The second round of voting takes place during #KelseyAwardsWeek, which is August 13-18, 2016. During this round of voting, the voters will choose who among the nominees will be labeled the winner of each category.

Voting Rules & Regulations

To see a full list of all voting rules and regulations, click here.

Voting Begins Soon!

We’re very excited to begin the 2016 voting rounds, and we hope you are too! To stay up to date on all thing surrounding The 2016 Kelsey Awards, either visit the Kelsey Awards website or like The Kelsey Report on Facebook.


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