Everything You Need to Know About The 2016 Kelsey Awards This Saturday!

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Well, the time has finally come. The 2016 Kelsey Awards are set to take place this Saturday at 7:00pm inside The Kelsey Theatre! Curious as to what is scheduled to go down on Saturday night? Wanna know who’s booked to perform? Here’s all the exclusive details!

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Jaimie, Maria, and Kim (“JMK”) are set to emcee the ceremony on Saturday.

Who’s Hosting?

I’m sure you already know the answer to this one. Saturday’s show will be hosted by the beautiful, talented, and ridiculously funny trio – “JMK” – Jaimie McMillan, Maria Aromando, and Kim Cupo.

JMK share a laugh during their photoshoot.

2016 will mark their third and final time hosting the show. Come and spend one more night with these ladies before they hang up their hosting hats. They have tons of moments planned that we’re sure you’ll be talking about for a long time! Come out and see why JMK have been labeled as the most popular hosts in Kelsey Award history.

Mark Applegate will be serving as Announcer once again.

And let’s not forget that the show will feature the charming Mark Applegate as the show’s Announcer too!

Who’s Presenting the Awards?

2016 will mark the first time in Kelsey Awards history that the show will feature four permanent award presenters to hand out all of the awards. Presenting these awards will be Kelsey Theatre actors Judy Venturini, Aimee Robidoux, Bill Weir, and the 2015 Kelsey Award winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical – Christina Kosyla.

Who’s Getting the Lifetime Achievement Award?

The late (and always great) John Shanken-Kaye.

In honor of our late Kelsey Theatre friend, we have changed the name of the award to The John Shanken-Kaye Lifetime Achievement Award. During the ceremony, we will honor our friend John with a special video tribute, along with some special words from his wife, Carolyn Shanken-Kaye.

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Pete Labriola.

After we honor John, we’ll present the John Shanken-Kaye Lifetime Achievement Award to the Kelsey Theatre veteran – Pete Labriola.

Who Else Is Being Honored?

In addition to honoring John Shanken-Kaye and Pete Labriola, we will also take some time to honor our good friend Marc Flicker with a special award for his service at The Kelsey Theatre.

Everyone’s favorite House Manager – Marc Flicker.

Who’s Nominated?

Click Here to see the full 2016 Nominee List.

Who’s Making Special Cameos?

We can’t tell you that! It’d ruin the surprise! We have some good ones planned though!

Can I Take Pictures?

OH YEAH! We encourage people take pictures and video throughout the entire award ceremony. If you post the pictures or videos online, make sure you use #KelseyAwards so everyone can see them!

Who’s Performing?

The cast of Mary Poppins rehearses for their performance at The 2016 Kelsey Awards.

Oh my… there are some great performances lined for the show on Saturday. The casts of City of Angels, Violet, The Addams Family, and Mary Poppins are all scheduled to appear and perform. In addition to that, Saturday’s show will offer sneak-peak special performances featuring the casts of the upcoming productions of Miss Saigon and In The Heights. Oh yeah, and the 2013 cast of Avenue Q is reuniting to offer the audience some naughty and silly humor and fun!

Choreographer Rachel Tovar

Also, while there is no Dance Squad this year, choreographer Rachel Tovar will be returning to the Kelsey Awards ceremony to present a special choreographed dance featuring some of Kelsey Theatre’s best dancers.

Are There Special Giveaways?

Yup! During the ceremony, we’ll be giving away cash raffle prizes and free movie tickets to AMC movie theaters!


Should I Get Tickets?

YES! Tickets for this year’s show are selling very fast, so if you want good seats, it’s highly recommended that you purchase your tickets ahead of time. Click Here for ticket information.

The 2016 Kelsey Awards go down Saturday, August 20th at 7:00pm inside The Kelsey Theatre! The entire Kelsey Theatre community will be there! You don’t want to miss this!


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