Volunteer to Usher at Kelsey Theatre & See a Show for FREE!


If you’re looking for a great night out, why not volunteer to usher at The Kelsey Theatre and see a show for free?

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Did you know that all of Kelsey Theatre’s ushers are volunteers? Ushering is a fun and easy way to get more involved with arts and culture in the Central Jersey area, and see award-winning theatre that only costs your time and energy.

The Kelsey Theatre is proud to have an incredible team of dedicated volunteers who work with the theater regularly. They depend on volunteers to help serve the thousands of patrons who pass through the Kelsey doors each year.

As an usher, you will help the theater’s patrons feel welcome and comfortable ¬†as they enter the theater space and find their seats. Ushers have the responsibility of ensuring that Kelsey Theatre patrons have a safe experience during their visit. All ushers are trained and instructed on actions to take in case of an emergency within the theatre.

If you are interested in ushering at The Kelsey Theatre, either for one show, or for a series of shows, please contact Amy Bessellieu at bessella@mccc.edu today! There are ushering opportunities all season long!


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