Coming to Kelsey Theatre in 2017!

This season kicked off with critically acclaimed productions of Miss Saigon, Jake’s Women, In The Heights, The Odd Couple, and Babes in Toyland. Now, as we head into 2017, the Kelsey Theatre season looks to continue it’s exciting momentum with a plethora of unique and fun theatrical productions! Let’s take a look at what’s coming to Kelsey in 2017!

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SHOW: Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
COMPANY: Pierrot Productions
WHEN: January 6-15, 2017
PLOT: In place of Billy Elliot, Pierrot Productions presents this beautiful musical revival which originally opened off-Broadway at The Village Gate Theatre in 1968, but is surprisingly relevant to events of today. Often referred to as the Bob Dylan of France, Jacques Brel wrote songs about people actively questioning their own values as well as the rising tide of conservatism around them. This delightful show is a blend of ballads, tangos, boleros, rock and classics. Each piece tells a story, examining themes of love, war, adventure, broken dreams, people from all classes, being young and growing old, but always remembering life has much humor in it. Many songs you will recognize as they inspired Johnny Mathis, Sinatra, Ray Charles, Judy Collins, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and many more.

1440079141-unnecessary_farce_ticketsSHOW: Unnecessary Farce
COMPANY: The Pennington Players
WHEN: January 20-29, 2017
PLOT: In an economy motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant. In the room next door, two undercover cops are supposed to catch the meeting on videotape. But there’s some confusion as to who’s in which room, who’s watching the video, who’s taken the money, who’s hired a hit man, and why the accountant keeps taking off her clothes. This Pennington Players show is filled with doors slamming, clothes flying, and bagpipes bleating, all of which adds up to an over-the-top tale of mix-ups and mayhem that’s laugh out loud funny from start to finish.

godcarnageSHOW: God of Carnage
COMPANY: PinnWorth Productions
WHEN: February 3-12, 2017
PLOT: A playground altercation between eleven-year-old boys brings together two sets of parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed, but as the meeting progresses, and the rum flows, tensions emerge and the gloves come off, leaving the couples with more than just their principles in tatters. PinnWorth Productions presents this internationally acclaimed comedy which takes you into the most dangerous place on Earth – Parenthood.

boeing-boeingSHOW: Boeing Boeing
COMPANY: M&M Stage Productions
WHEN: February 17-26, 2017
PLOT: Fasten your seatbelts as M&M Stage Productions brings you this Tony Award-winning comedy! Bernard, living in Paris, is engaged to Gabriella…and to Gloria…and to Gretchen. With his housekeeper reluctantly playing romantic air-traffic controller, he successfully juggles three gorgeous flight attendant fiancées. But when a new double-speed Super Boeing arrives and changes flight schedules, we quickly learn that one woman is all Bernard can handle!

tkam21SHOW: To Kill a Mockingbird
COMPANY: Theater to Go
WHEN: March 17-26, 2017
PLOT: Theater to Go presents this stunning drama based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1960 novel by Harper Lee. The story of tomboy Scout Finch unfolds as she watches her lawyer father Atticus undertake his most controversial case. It is a story of racial injustice, courage and compassion. Through young Scout’s journey, the struggle to do what’s right over what’s easy inspires hope and understanding.

big-fish-full3SHOW: Big Fish
COMPANY: Playful Theatre Productions
WHEN: March 31-April 9, 2017
PLOT: If you liked the Tim Burton movie, you will love this musical featuring music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa (The Addams Family, The Wild Party)! Meet Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman, and teller of tall tales, whose larger than life stories thrill everyone around him – except his skeptical son.  Will, who is getting married and expecting a child of his own, doesn’t think there’s any truth to the extravagant tales his father tells about catching a huge fish, meeting witches and giants, kissing mermaids or joining the circus. He doesn’t even believe the story of how his father proposed to the love of his life, his wife, and Will’s mother Sandra, in a field full of daffodils. (This show by Playful Theatre replaces previously scheduled Wonderland)

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bloodwedding_logoSHOW: Blood Wedding
COMPANY: MCCC’s Academic Theater and Dance and Entertainment Technology Programs
WHEN: April 21-30, 2017
PLOT: A love triangle threatens the union of two long-feuding families in Andalusia, Spain. Illuminated by the Moon and tracked by Death, surging passions and rebellion are exposed in this classic Spanish drama. Will the bindings of fate be cut by love or by a tiny knife? Federico Garcia Lorca’s surreal masterpiece is brought to us by MCCC’s Academic Theater and Dance and Entertainment Technology Programs as a magical dance theatre spectacle infused by classic Spanish Dance forms – the Flamenco, the Tango and the Paso Doble.

boy-logoSHOW: The Boy From Oz
COMPANY: Pierrot Productions
WHEN: May 12-21, 2017
PLOT: This sensational musical tells the exuberant, heart-warming true story of singer/songwriter Peter Allen, whose young life is marred by an abusive father, but whose will to perform proves stronger. Through sheer talent and some luck, Allen ends up in the glamorous orbit of Judy Garland and her soon-to-be-famous daughter, Liza. Forte Dramatic Productions in association with Pierrot Productions brings us a musical tale filled with hits like “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” “Love Don’t Need a Reason,” “Everything Old is New Again” and “I Go to Rio.”.

little_mermaid-bannerSHOW: Disney’s The Little Mermaid
COMPANY: The Yardley Players
WHEN: May 26-June 4, 2017
PLOT: The Yardley Players brings this underwater spectacular to life starring Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder the Fish, Scuttle the Seagull, Sebastian the Crab and, of course, the Evil Sea Witch, Ursula. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and the classic Disney film, this fishy fable boasts music by Academy Award winner Alan Menken, including such irresistible songs as “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl,” and “Part of Your World.”

the-glass-menagerie-2013SHOW: The Glass Menagerie
COMPANY: Maurer Productions OnStage
WHEN: June 9-18, 2017
PLOT: A frustrated mother, a daughter lost in her imagination, and a son intent on rebellion are the players in this classic drama, presented by Maurer Productions OnStage. Tom dreams of a life like in the movies, but works in a factory. In the apartment he shares with his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura, the air is heavy with oppressive nostalgia and desperate sadness.  When Amanda insists that Tom bring home a gentleman caller for Laura, the fragile dreams of all three are shattered.

5f018116343203-562aa4936b8e1SHOW: Measure for Measure
COMPANY: Shakespeare ’70
WHEN: June 23-July 2, 2017
PLOT: An unflinching look at the confusion between lust and love, and goodness and self-righteousness, Shakespeare ’70 explores who sins the most among a congregation of murderers, pimps, politicians, whores, nuns, and nobles. Shakespeare’s electrifying exploration of the arrogance of power hovers tantalizingly between comedy and tragedy.

For additional show and ticket information, visit the official Kelsey Theatre website.


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