Kelsey Casting Call: “Disney’s Little Mermaid”


The Yardley Players have announced auditions for their 2017 Kelsey Theatre  production of Disney’s Little Mermaid, opening May 2017 at The Kelsey Theatre. Wanna audition? Good! Here is everything you need to know!

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This is a non-union, non-paid production.

About the Show

The Yardley Players brings this underwater spectacular to life starring Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder the Fish, Scuttle the Seagull, Sebastian the Crab and, of course, the Evil Sea Witch, Ursula. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and the classic Disney film, this fishy fable boasts music by Academy Award winner Alan Menken, including such irresistible songs as “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl,” and “Part of Your World.” 

Audition Dates

Auditions and callbacks will be held in the Communications (CM) building adjacent to Kelsey Theatre. (On the campus of Mercer County Community College – 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ)

  • Saturday, February 4th from 1pm-4pm
  • Sunday, February 5th from 1pm-4pm
  • Saturday, February 11th from 1pm-4pm
  • Sunday, February 12th from 1pm-4pm

Production Company & Creative Team

  • Presented by The Yardley Players
  • Directed by Marge Swider
  • Music Direction by Pat Masterson
  • Choreographed by Laura Murey Ghaffoor

Performance Dates & Location

  • All performances will take place inside The Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College
  • Performance Dates:
    • Friday, May 26th at 8pm
    • Saturday, May 27th at 2pm & 8pm
    • Sunday, May 28th at 2pm
    • Friday, June 2nd at 8pm
    • Saturday, June 3rd at 2pm & 8pm
    • Sunday, June 4th at 2pm

Rehearsal Information

  • The first rehearsal will take place Sunday, March 12th from 2pm-5pm
  • Rehearsals will take place Tuesday and Thursday nights (7pm-9:30pm) for leads and small groups and Wednesday nights (7pm-9:30pm) for large group ensemble numbers. Full cast will be called Sunday afternoons from 2pm-5pm.
  • Please do not audition if you are involved in activities that will cause you to miss more than two rehearsals. No one can miss a performance or be absent during the final two weeks of rehearsal.

How To Sign-up

  • Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment, please call Marge Swider at 215-968-1904.

Audition Prep

  • Bring a headshot/recent photo and a resume.
  • Download the Audition Form from The Yardley Players website.
  • Prepare a song from the list below according to the role(s) you are interested in.
  • Wear dance or tap shoes.
  • Be prepared for a cold reading from the script.


All roles available.

  • ARIEL- Lead Female, soprano, strong singer and actress who must use gestures to communicate when Ariel loses her voice. Age: 16-30 | Vocal range Bb3-Eb5 | AUDITION SONG:  PART OF YOUR WORLD
  • PRINCE ERIC- Lead Male, baritone, strong charming actor. Age 20-35 |  Vocal range B3-D5 | AUDITION SONG:  ONE STEP CLOSER
  • SEBASTIAN-Male or Female, red Jamaican crab and servant of King Triton. Age 30+ | AUDITION SONG:  UNDER THE SEA
  • FLOUNDER- Male or Female Soprano,   Ariel’s best friend, scares easily, prone to panic, but comes to help Ariel when she is in trouble.  Age 10-12 | AUDITION SONG: SHE’S IN LOVE OR UNDER THE SEA
  • SCUTTLE- Male or Female, Seagull who thinks he is an expert at naming human objects, but his id’s are pure nonsense.  Requires good comedic timing. Age 25-40.  Tap dancing is a plus. | AUDITION SONG: HUMAN STUFF
  • URSULA- Lead Female,  Alto, Sea witch who desires to gain power from King Triton.  Cunning and Devious. Age 35+ | AUDITION SONG:  POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS
  • KING TRITON- Male role, Ariel’s father who owns the powerful trident with unlimited powers.  Age 35-60 | AUDITION SONG:  IF ONLY OR UNDER THE SEA
  • ARIEL’S SISTERS- Females, Strong singers and dancers who can move on Heelies.  Ages 16-30
    • AQUATA-argumentative
    • ARISTA-jealous of Ariel, vain, selfish, but helpful to her sisters when they are in need.
    • ATTINA-bookworm, clever, gives advice to Ariel
    • ADELLA-boy crazy
    • ALANA-glamorous
    • ADRINA-humorous, likes jokes and sarcasm
    • ARIEL’S sisters also double as the castle princesses with exaggerated comedic personalities.
  • FLOTSAM AND JETSAM- Male or Females, green moray eels who do Ursula’s bidding and spying, devious, sneaky.  Move well in an acrobatic style.  Ages 18-40 | AUDITION SONG: POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS
  • GRIMSBY- Male, Prince Eric’s manservant and confidant, rigid, strong actor.  Age 20-60 | AUDITION SONG:  FATHOM’S BELOW
  • CHEF LOUIS- Male, performs as the castle chef, wild, frantic, good comedic timing.  Age 30-50 | AUDITION SONG:  LES POISSONS
  • CARLOTTA- Female, housekeeper in the castle, ensemble singing, fond of Ariel. Age30+ | AUDITION SONG: UNDER THE SEA
  • PILOT- Male, head sailor, strong singer  Bb3-C5.  Age 25+ | AUDITION SONG:  FATHOM’S BELOW
    • Sea Chorus, as well as several selected roles. Mixture of children ages 9 and up, teens 13-17, and adults 18 and older. Please prepare “Under The Sea” for your audition song, or any song from the show that is in your range. Roles include:
      • TENTACLES-MALES OR FEMALES, 6-8 performers trapped in Ursula’s lair
      • SEAGULLS-MALES OR FEMALES, 3-5 DANCERS AND SINGERS,  Tap dancing a plus.
      • SEA CREATURES, MERFOLK, LAGOON ANIMALS-Singers, dancers or good stage movement

How To Sign-up

  • Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment, please call Marge Swider at 215-968-1904.

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