Kelsey Casting Call: “The Glass Menagerie”


Maurer Productions OnStage have announced auditions for their 2017 Kelsey Theatre production of The Glass Menagerie, opening in June 2017 at The Kelsey Theatre. Wanna audition? Good! Here is everything you need to know!

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This is a non-union, non-paid production.

About the Show

The Award-winning production team of MPOnStage brings you the Tennessee Williams classic, The Glass Menagerie. A theatrical piece of distinct power, with some of Williams’ most potent lyricism, The Glass Menagerie is a memory play as told to us by Tom Wingfield, a merchant marine looking back on the Depression years he spent with his overbearing Southern genteel mother, Amanda, and his physically disabled, cripplingly shy sister, Laura. While Amanda strives to give her children a life beyond the decrepit St. Louis tenement they inhabit, she is herself trapped by the memory of her life past– a life of cotillions and suitors and wealth, now long gone. Tom, working at a shoe factory and paying the family’s rent, finds his own escape in drinking and going to the movies, while Laura pours her energy into caring for her delicate glass figurines. Tom, pressured by his mother to help find Laura a suitable husband, invites an acquaintance from the factory to the apartment, a powerful possibility that pushes Amanda deeper into her obsessions and makes Laura even more vulnerable to shattering, exposed like the glass menagerie she treasures. Williams’ intensely personal and brilliantly tender masterpiece exposes the complexity of our memories, and the ways in which we can never truly escape them.


Audition Dates

Auditions and callbacks will be held in the Communications (CM) building adjacent to Kelsey Theatre. (On the campus of Mercer County Community College – 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ)

  • Saturday, March 4th (12pm-4pm)
  • Sunday, March 5th (10am-1pm)
  • CALLBACKS (invitation only) will take place Monday, March 6th at 7pm

Production Company & Creative Team

  • Presented by Maurer Productions OnStage
  • Directed by Judi Parrish
  • Stage Managed by Vicki Kaiser
  • Costumed by Sally Page Sohor

Performance Dates & Location

  • All performances will take place inside The Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College
  • Performance Dates:
    • Friday, June 9th at 8pm
    • Saturday, June 10th at 8pm
    • Sunday, June 11th at 2pm
    • Friday, June 16th at 8pm
    • Saturday, June 17th at 8pm
    • Sunday, June 18th at 2pm

Rehearsal Information

  • You should expect two to three rehearsals in the evening and possibly one weekend day rehearsal per week. Later in rehearsal process, more days may be added. These rehearsals will be broken up by scenes. Call sheets will be made available to the cast to tell you which rehearsals you will need to attend. Rehearsals will be scheduled to make the best use of actors’ time.
  • The Read-through is tentatively set for Sunday, March 12th – 1 pm to 5 pm. The cast will get their scripts and rehearsal schedules, fill out some paperwork, have their head shot taken and get measured for costumes. There will be two or three rehearsals, primarily table work, during the month of March/early April, and then full rehearsals will begin the week of April 17th, after Easter.

How To Sign-up

  • CLICK HERE to sign-up and to learn more about the audition.

Audition Prep

  • All actors are required to audition with a monologue. You must use the monologue provided for the specific character in the downloadable packet and on the website. It is recommended that the monologue be memorized. In addition, you may be asked to read additional monologues or to read scenes with other actors.
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about your audition prep.


All roles available.

  • TOM WINGFIELD (M): Mid 20s – early 30s. The play’s narrator, he recounts memories of his family to the audience. Languishing in a dead end job in the shoe warehouse, Tom is a restless dreamer, torn between his responsibility to his family and chasing his desires. Explosive, mercurial, lonely, he is deeply devoted to his sister and constantly at odds with his mother.
  • AMANDA WINGFIELD (F): Early 50s – mid 60s. An aging Southern belle clinging to her memories of a more genteel time and place. Deserted by her husband, she is left alone to care for her two children. She is a fierce survivor scraping by to make ends meet. Amanda is both sensitive and harsh. She is charming and displays a sense of humor yet, she can succumb to bouts of manipulation and cruelty.
  • LAURA WINGFIELD (F): Late 20s-early 30s. Sensitive and painfully shy. A childhood illness has left her physically impaired. She seeks refuge from reality i an imaginary world of glass animals and old records. She is a gentle and kind soul with a tender regard for her mother and brother.
  • JIM O’CONNOR (M): Late 20s – early 30s. The “Gentleman Caller,” a co-worker of Tom’s from the warehouse and a former classmate of Laura’s. He is your average, everyday, nice guy. He has an easygoing demeanor. His popularity and promise peaked in high school but, he continues to approach the world with a positive outlook.

How To Sign-up

  • CLICK HERE to sign-up and to learn more about the audition.



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