“Memphis” Looking for Choreographer to Join the Production Team at Kelsey Theatre



PinnWorth Productions has announced that they will be opening the 2017-2018 Kelsey Theatre season with the area premiere of “Memphis”. Now, the company has announced their search for a talented choreographer to join the production team. Here’s all the details:

READ MORE: PinnWorth Productions To Premiere “Memphis” This Fall at The Kelsey Theatre

Memphis is set in the places where rock and roll was born in the 1950s: the seedy nightclubs, radio stations and recording studios of the musically-rich Tennessee city. With an original score, it tells the fictional story of DJ Huey Calhoun, a good ole’ local boy with a passion for R&B music and Felicia Farrell, an up-and-coming black singer that he meets one fateful night on Beale Street. Despite the objections of their loved ones (Huey’s close-minded mama and Felicia’s cautious brother, a club owner), they embark on a dangerous affair. As their careers rise, the relationship is challenged by personal ambition and the pressures of an outside world unable to accept their love.


  • DIRECTOR: LouJ Stalsworth
  • CO-DIRECTOR: Kyrus Keenan Westcott
  • MUSIC DIRECTOR: Francois Suhr
  • STAGE MANAGER: Dennis Tolentino
  • SOUND & LIGHT DESIGNER: Robert Terrano
  • TECHNICAL TEAM: Starrika McCloud
  • SET DESIGN: Bryan Schendlinger

This production of Memphis runs September 8-17th at The Kelsey Theatre.

If you’re interested in choreographing this production, please send your resume, references, and video links to LouJ@pinnworth.com ASAP.

Auditions will take place in May 2017.


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