7 Things to Know About 2017 Kelsey Awards Voting

“Miss Saigon” – PinnWorth Productions

The Kelsey Awards season is upon us, and it’s time for YOU to choose who’s nominated, and who ultimately wins each award. With that said, here are seven things you should know about voting for The 2017 Kelsey Awards!

SEE MORE: Visit the Official Kelsey Awards Website

“In The Heights” – The Pennington Players

7. Becoming Eligible for a 2017 Kelsey Award

Becoming eligible for a Kelsey Award is quite easy. Every year, after a production has opened, either the Producer or the Director of the production will fill out a private Eligibility Form and send it to the Kelsey Awards team. Once they submit the form, they have until the end of the season to make any amendments to the submission.

Please note that individuals nominated in each category were named and selected by the Producer and/or the Director. Neither The Kelsey Theatre, nor anyone directly involved with The Kelsey Awards, submits or decides which individuals are eligible.

A full list of productions and individuals eligible for Kelsey Awards can be found RIGHT HERE.

“The Little Mermaid” – The Yardley Players

6. 2017 Categories

Since 2009, The Kelsey Awards have evolved. In particular, the award categories have especially changed with the times … 2017 is no different.

Mainstay categories such as Outstanding Production and individual performance categories will remain, while popular special categories such as Outstanding Comedic Performance, Vocalist, and Young Performer will also be returning this season.

New categories making their debut this season include:

  • Outstanding Stage Management
  • Outstanding Ensemble Performer
  • Outstanding Cast Performance
  • Kelsey Theatre MVP

Click here for a full list of the 2017 award categories.

“The Boy From Oz” – Forte Dramatic/Pierrot Productions

5. You Cannot Promote Yourself or Your Production During the Voting Period

No individual or production company eligible/nominated for a Kelsey Award may promote the voting for their own individual performance or production using any type of social media or newsletter or e-mail or any type of digital connectivity. They may only promote the ability to vote in general, not for individual performances or shows. Violating this rule may result in a disqualification of that individual and/or production.

ILLEGAL: “Hey everybody! Come vote for me!”
LEGAL: “Hey everybody! Go vote for your favorite performers this season!”

ILLEGAL: “Did you like *insert show name here*? Well, go vote for it so it can win a Kelsey Award!”
LEGAL: “Were there any shows that you liked this season at Kelsey? Well, go vote for your favorites!”


Click here to view the full list of rules and regulations.

“Unnecessary Farce” – The Pennington Players

4. Round 1 Voting: July 3-9, 2017

In the first round, out of all of the eligible productions and performers from the 2016-2017 Kelsey Theatre season, YOU will choose who you think should be nominated.

In each category, you will select up to three productions/performers that you believe should be nominated in that category. When the round is complete, the productions/individuals with the top 5 amount of votes in each category will officially become Kelsey Award Nominees.

In the Outstanding Production of a Musical and Outstanding Production of a Play categories, the nominees will be determined by the five productions (in each category) with the highest amount of TOTAL nominations.

You can only vote once per computer/mobile device.

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“Big Fish” – Playful Productions

3. Nominee Announcement – Monday, July 10, 2017

On this date, the nominees in each category, chosen by YOU, will be announced via the Kelsey Awards website.

“Babes in Toyland” – M&M Stage Productions

2. Round 2 Voting: August 7-13, 2017

In the second and final round, you will select up to two nominees that you feel should WIN in each category. The nominee with the highest amount of votes will be determined the winner in each individual category.

You can only vote once per computer/mobile device.

The winners of each category will be announced at…

KA17 Banner Logo

1. The 2017 Kelsey Awards Live Ceremony – Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 7:00pm

The winners of each category are kept hidden from the public and are revealed during a live ceremony inside the theater. This year’s ceremony takes place on August 19th at 7pm.

This live ceremony announces the winners of each category and features special performances from nominated performers and productions, special comedic sketches, along with surprise cameos and collaborations. Confirmed performances already include the upcoming productions of “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Memphis”… with many more to be announced!

For more information about Kelsey Awards voting and the live ceremony, visit the official Kelsey Awards website at www.KelseyAwards.com.


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