Kelsey Awards Spotlight: Peter de Mets

Once a year, The Kelsey Awards celebrate all things Kelsey Theatre. Honoring excellent singing, astounding performances, beautiful set design, and powerful story lines, The Kelsey Awards highlight the magic of live theater.

So send your regards to Kelsey Theatre by learning all about the incredible talent that are nominated for The 2017 Kelsey Awards before the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7:00pm.

Today, we get to learn more about Peter de Mets!

EXTRA EXTRA – The 2017 Kelsey Awards – Complete List of Nominees

Peter de Mets

Peter is nominated in the Outstanding Music Direction category for his incredible work in Forte Dramatic Production’s “A Very Kelsey Christmas”. What makes this nomination stand out even more is the fact that his Music Direction even consisted of some original music that he had written.

How do you like working at The Kelsey Theatre?

PETER: I thoroughly enjoy working at the Kelsey. As a Music Director, I have the wonderful opportunity to work with so many talented people.

What is your favorite Kelsey Theatre memory?

PETER: Too many to possibly pick just one… I loved conducting SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE, my amazingly talented ensemble of 13, and looking down from my “perch” at the trio of Fiona’s from SHREK… many many more.

Peter de Mets 2

What is your most embarrassing moment on or off stage that’s theater-related?

PETER: I was playing (piano) for a production of WINNIE THE POOH and there was a place in the show where there was quite a bit of dialogue, I got up from the piano and went backstage to meet with a cast member, just to say “hi”. Several minutes later, I realized that the performer on the stage was singing… unaccompanied… because I hadn’t judged the time that I had well enough.

If there’s one person at The Kelsey Theatre you’ve been wanting to work with, but never had the opportunity, who is it and why?

PETER: This is a dangerous question for me to answer… I’m sure that when they audition for a show I’m working on and they are right for the part, I will LOVE working with them. Yeah, I’m being purposely vague.

Peter de Mets 3

What is your dream show that you’d like to work on?

PETER: Too many to narrow down to one… THE SPITFIRE GRILL, PASSION, SWEENEY TODD, ok, lets face it, the entire Sondheim cannon… a (guilty pleasure) of mine would be ASPECTS OF LOVE.

Are you excited for The Kelsey Awards on Saturday, August 19th?!

PETER: Simple answer, yup! Any chance to get together with so many of my Kelsey family is an exciting thing.

Peter de Mets 4

A special message to all of the people who voted for you and made you a nominee…

PETER: Anyone who voted for me knows that I am very grateful for your support of my work. I am honored to be among the other extremely talented Music Directors in the category.

Be sure to buy your tickets for the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7pm and find out who will walk away with a 2017 Kelsey Award!

For tickets and to learn more about the show and nominees, visit The Kelsey Awards Official Website!



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