Kelsey Awards Spotlight: Erin Wurtz

Once a year, The Kelsey Awards celebrate all things Kelsey Theatre. Honoring excellent singing, astounding performances, beautiful set design, and powerful story lines, The Kelsey Awards highlight the magic of live theater.

So send your regards to Kelsey Theatre by learning all about the incredible talent that are nominated for The 2017 Kelsey Awards before the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7:00pm.

Today, we get to learn more about Erin Wurtz!

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Erin Wurtz has climbed The Kelsey Theatre ranks as one of the most vibrant, talented performers on the stage the past couple of years. This year, she’s finally getting her well deserved recognition for her work in “The Little Mermaid” and “Anything Goes”.

How do you like working at The Kelsey Theatre?

ERIN: I love it! I’ve been here since 2011 and I’ve participated in 8 productions since then! I love that Kelsey Theatre isn’t just comprised of one company, but many all in the same place. You get a lot more variety both in shows and in friends!

What is your favorite Kelsey Theatre memory?

ERIN: Playing Erma Latour in Anything Goes. She was an absolute blast!

What is your most embarrassing moment on or off stage that’s theater-related?

ERIN: It was 2015. I was a Hot Box Girl in M&M Stage Production’s “Guys and Dolls”. For the number “Take Back Your Mink” we had tearaway gowns with little halter top nighties underneath. These nighties needed to be double knotted at the top in order to stay up. I went out for the number, went “take back the gown…”, ripped off the tearaway dress, and suddenly felt a light breeze. From the audience’s hysterical reaction, I realized I’d forgotten to double knot the top of my nightie. Thankfully, I was wearing a bodysuit underneath! I pulled up the dress, blew the audience a big kiss, and ran off the stage to thunderous applause. I still hear about this story from my cast mates and the subscribers who were there to this day!

If there’s one person at The Kelsey Theatre you’ve been wanting to work with, but never had the opportunity, who is it and why?

ERIN: John Maurer. I’ve had him take pictures in the past two shows I’ve been in, but I haven’t gotten to try out for any of his shows yet! Hopefully, we’ll get to work together at some point!

What is your dream show that you’d like to work on?

ERIN: “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. Big Sutton Foster fan. Millie is a dream role. 🙂

Are you excited for The Kelsey Awards on Saturday, August 19th?!

ERIN: Yes!

A special message to all of the people who voted for you and made you a nominee…

ERIN: You like me! You really like me!! 🙂 But, seriously, thank you so much! Love you guys! 🙂

Be sure to buy your tickets for the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7pm and find out who will walk away with a 2017 Kelsey Award!

For tickets and to learn more about the show and nominees, visit The Kelsey Awards Official Website!



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