Kelsey Awards Spotlight: Diana Gilman Maurer

Once a year, The Kelsey Awards celebrate all things Kelsey Theatre. Honoring excellent singing, astounding performances, beautiful set design, and powerful story lines, The Kelsey Awards highlight the magic of live theater.

So send your regards to Kelsey Theatre by learning all about the incredible talent that are nominated for The 2017 Kelsey Awards before the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7:00pm.

Today, we get to learn more about Diana Gilman Maurer!

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In addition to being an incredible director here at The Kelsey Theatre, Diana is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. A friendly box office face, a unique director, an active producer… it’s safe to say that Diana doesn’t have time to ‘clown around’… or maybe she does. 😉 This year, Diana is nominated for her fantastic work on “Jake’s Women”.

Let’s learn more about this wonderful Kelsey personality…

How do you like working at The Kelsey Theatre?

DIANA: LOVE it! I started at the Kelsey when I was a student many years ago. Took some time off to have a family but the siren song of the theatre drew me back. Then, my husband and I formed MPOnStage and produced “The Foreigner” in January of 2005 and we haven’t left! There is no other theatre I would rather be in.

What is your favorite Kelsey Theatre memory?

DIANA: Meeting my husband! It was my second show (Company, 1985) as a student and I was up in the follow spot loft. When he stepped on stage in his underwear and sang “Today is for Amy,” I knew he was the one. Seven years later, we were married!

What is your most embarrassing moment on or off stage that’s theater-related?

DIANA: During Pied Piper, the entire adult cast was in the shop chatting and missed our cue! John Maurer (the Piper) said something like “Oh, here are your parents now!” And nothing. He actually came backstage to get us! This is why it is very important to have a stage manager!!

If there’s one person at The Kelsey Theatre you’ve been wanting to work with, but never had the opportunity, who is it and why?

DIANA: Bill Kamps is a ridiculously talented actor that I would love to find the perfect vehicle for. Maybe someday!

What is your dream show that you’d like to work on?

DIANA: “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”. And – when the rights are released – “Something Rotten” and “Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder”!

Are you excited for The Kelsey Awards on Saturday, August 19th?!

DIANA: Absolutely! Win or lose it’s always a great time!!

A special message to all of the people who voted for you and made you a nominee…

DIANA: I am proud and humbled to nominated for directing “Jake’s Women”. It was an amazing cast and such a great opportunity to bring one of Mr. Simon’s lesser known shows to the stage.

Be sure to buy your tickets for the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7pm and find out who will walk away with a 2017 Kelsey Award!

For tickets and to learn more about the show and nominees, visit The Kelsey Awards Official Website!



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