The 2017 NJACT Perry Awards: The Kelsey Theatre Nominees


Today, the New Jersey Association for Community Theatre (NJACT) announced the nominees for the 2017 NJACT Perry Awards. While the Perry Awards encompass theaters all over the state, here is a full list of Kelsey Theatre’s nominated productions and performers.

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For a full list of ALL of the NJACT Nominees, CLICK HERE.

Here are Kelsey Theatre’s 2017 Perry Nominees:

  • Outstanding Direction of a Play
    • LouJ Stalsworth – “God of Carnage”
  • Outstanding Direction of a Musical
    • Kyrus Keenan Westcott – “In The Heights”
    • LouJ Stalsworth & Koren Zander – “Miss Saigon”
    • Frank Ferrara – “Big Fish”
    • John Zimmerman – “The Boy From Oz”
  • Outstanding Stage Management of a Musical
    • Vicki Kaiser – “In The Heights”
  • Outstanding Stage Management of a Play
    • Vicki Kaiser – “The Glass Menagerie”
    • Vicki Kaiser – “Unnecessary Farce”
  • Outstanding Lighting Design of a Play
    • M. Kitty Getlik – “The Glass Menagerie”
  • Outstanding Lighting Design of a Musical
    • Star McCloud – “In The Heights”
    • Scott Monsees – “The Boy From Oz”
  • Outstanding Costume Design of a Musical
    • Kate Pinner & Koren Zander – “Miss Saigon”
    • Anthony Remer – “The Boy From Oz”
  • Outstanding Properties of a Musical
    • Jim Petro & Evan Griner – “Miss Saigon”
    • James Kenna – “The Odd Couple (Female Version”
  • Outstanding Choreography
    • Koren Zander – “The Boy From Oz”
    • Rachel Tovar – “In The Heights”
    • Koren Zander – “Miss Saigon”
  • Outstanding Music Direction
    • Aimee Robidoux – “The Boy From Oz”
    • Francois Suhr – “Miss Saigon”
  • Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical
    • Aidan Stallworth-Glitz – “Big Fish”
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical
    • Andrew Ruggieri – “The Boy From Oz”
    • Michael Schiumo – “Miss Saigon”
    • Michael Scibilia – “Miss Saigon”
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical
    • Liana Sta-Ana – “Miss Saigon”
    • Christina Kosyla – “The Boy From Oz”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play
    • Malik Abdul Khaaliq – “To Kill A Mockingbird”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical
    • Michael Zweig – “Miss Saigon”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical
    • Gina Whalen – “The Boy From Oz”
    • Lorraine Perri – “In The Heights”
  • Outstanding Youth Actor in a Play
    • Shane Howell – “To Kill A Mockingbird”
    • Evan Chartock – “To Kill A Mockingbird”
  • Outstanding Youth Actress in a Play
    • Makenna Katz – “Jake’s Women”
  • Outstanding Production of a Musical
    • “In The Heights” – The Pennington Players
    • “The Boy From Oz” – Pierrot Productions/Forte Dramatic Productions
    • “Miss Saigon” – PinnWorth Productions

For a full list of ALL of the NJACT Nominees, CLICK HERE.

The NJACT Perry Awards are given for outstanding achievements in New Jersey Community Theater. At the beginning of each season, NJACT Member Theaters submit their shows for award consideration. Two NJACT Reviewers attend each production, evaluate all on-stage aspects of the performance, and provide separate numerical scores for over 50 different criteria across 10 different review categories. More than 200 shows produced by theater companies around the state are submitted each year, which require over 400 reviews by trained NJACT volunteers.

NJACT bestows Perry Awards in 33 performance and technical categories based on NJACT reviewer scores. Candidates with the top seven scores in each category are considered nominees. The nominee with the highest score in each category receives the Perry Award. There are also four Special Perry Awards available each year: Community Theater of the Year Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the David P. McMenemie Award, and the Perry Award for Outstanding Stage Management. Candidates for these awards are nominated by members of the community, and the recipient is determined by NJACT Board vote of those nominated.

The 2017 NJACT Perry Awards will take place Sunday, September 17th at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, NJ. For more information, please visit their official website by CLICKING HERE.


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