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Congratulations on your production being nominated Outstanding Production of a Musical!

Here is where you’ll find all the details regarding your special performance at the award ceremony on August 20th at 7:00pm:

If you are viewing this page, it is because you were on the production staff or creative team of one of the four musicals nominated in the Outstanding Production of a Musical category at this year’s Kelsey Awards.

The following shows are nominated in the category:

  • CITY OF ANGELS – Maurer Productions OnStage
  • MARY POPPINS – Yardley Players
  • THE ADDAMS FAMILY – Playful Theatre Productions
  • VIOLET – The Pennington Players




  • Please confirm with Kyrus Keenan Westcott, either by Facebook, email, or phone, that your production will be performing at the award ceremony. You must confirm by Sunday, July 10th or we will assume that your production is not going to perform.
  • Each Outstanding Production of a Musical performance is given a 5-minute performance slot.
  • Kyrus Keenan Westcott, Vicki Kaiser, and/or Caila Cabrera (the Kelsey Awards production team), will attend a rehearsal of your performance to speak with you and your cast.
  • No more than five microphones may be requested for your performance. There will be floor and area mics throughout the stage.
  • You must fill out the Kelsey Awards Performance Form by Wednesday, August 3rd. Click Here to view the form.
    • This form is very important because it will let us know what song(s) you are doing, who needs microphones, which time you’d like to tech your performance, and any other sound/lighting/SFX you will need.
  • Leading up to the ceremony, if you need to book a room at MCCC to rehearse your performance, please do so via Vicki Kaiser at She will be your contact for booking rooms at the college.
  • During the day of the Kelsey Awards, your performance will have a 25-minute tech rehearsal at some point between 11am-4pm. You are able to request a tech time in your Kelsey Awards Performance Form.

Your cast, crew, and production team are all invited to The 2016 Kelsey Awards Block Party. RSVP is required in order attend. Click the picture below for more info:


Also, tickets for the Kelsey Awards Ceremony are now on sale. We highly recommend that your cast, crew, and production team get their tickets in advance. It’s going to be a crowded event this year. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.


  • Does the cast or crew of my production get comps to the show?
    • There are no comps given to anyone for The Kelsey Awards. All performers and production team members are required to purchase a ticket to the ceremony if they wish to attend/perform.
  • What should we perform?
    • That is entirely up to you. You are free to perform anything from your nominated show as long as it doesn’t go longer than 5 minutes. In the past, some companies have done one song, or a couple songs, or a montage. Whatever fits your cast availability and vision – do it. The simpler, the better.
  • Do we need to provide a pianist?
    • You have a choice – you can either have a pianist play your performance, or you can have a track played over the speaker system. If you need a pianist provided, you will indicate so in your Performance Form, but you are more than welcome to provide your own pianist. If you are performing to a track, we must have that track by Wednesday, August 3rd.
  • What does the Kelsey Awards set look like?
    • The set will be similar to years past. Behind the fire curtain is a platform that runs the length of the stage. The rest of the stage is completely open for your use. You are welcome to bring in set pieces, though, the simpler, the better. Try to avoid to large set pieces that cannot be easily moved on and off stage quickly.
  • Should we wear costumes?
    • This is up to you. In the past, some have gone with full costumes, others have gone with simply dressing nice, or in uniform. Once again, the simpler, the better. There is limited storage and changing space backstage.
  • Can I use the same lighting that I had in my production?
    • Please don’t expect the exact lighting you may have had during your run. There is a limited ability to do “specials” given the limited time we have to get the tech ready. Once again… the simpler, the better. With that said, however, if you need something specific, with early enough notice, we can make it work. In the long run, think more “mood” lighting than specific lighting.