“In The Heights” Set to Heat Up The Kelsey Theatre Stage


Alexandra Cusumano (“Vanessa”) and Tara Keelen (“Nina”)

Way before Hamilton took the world by storm, essentially becoming one of the most important (and celebrated) musicals in the history of LIFE, there was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s production of In The Heights. While Hamilton has become way more popular than this show, it was because of ITH that Miranda was even able to do Hamilton in the first place. When ITH opened on Broadway in 2007, it won four Tony Awards, including the coveted Best Musical, and was even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Now… after a successful off-Broadway run, Broadway run, and a popular national tour, In The Heights has found a home at The Kelsey Theatre in collaboration with The Pennington Players.

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“Anything Goes” Now Eligible for the 2017 Kelsey Awards



M&M Stage Productions’ Anything Goes, which concluded its successful run this summer at Kelsey, is now eligible for The 2017 Kelsey Awards. Here’s everything you need to know about Anything Goes’ eligibility!

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