Kelsey Awards Spotlight: Peter de Mets

Once a year, The Kelsey Awards celebrate all things Kelsey Theatre. Honoring excellent singing, astounding performances, beautiful set design, and powerful story lines, The Kelsey Awards highlight the magic of live theater.

So send your regards to Kelsey Theatre by learning all about the incredible talent that are nominated for The 2017 Kelsey Awards before the live ceremony on Saturday, August 19th at 7:00pm.

Today, we get to learn more about Peter de Mets!

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Kelsey Awards Round 1 Voting Has Begun!

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THE TIME TO VOTE HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! From now until Saturday, July 2nd, YOU get the chance to choose who The 2016 Kelsey Award Nominees will be in our first round of Kelsey Award voting! And after you vote, be sure to enter our VOTE-SHARE-WIN contest and you’ll be entered to win TWO free tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure!

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The 2015 Kelsey Awards Block Party

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For the past four years, we have invited the Kelsey Theatre community to attend a special dinner that celebrates the theater that we love (and gets up pumped up for the live award ceremony). This year, to celebrate our five year anniversary, we will be continuing that tradition with The 2015 Kelsey Awards Block Party – set to take place Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 6:00pm on the Party Patio at Uno Chicago Bar & Grill in Hamilton, NJ!

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Who’s Eligible for a 2015 Kelsey Award Nomination? Find Out Here!

Throughout the 2014-2015 Kelsey Theatre season, many productions and performers have been submitted for Kelsey Award Nomination Eligibility. Those productions and performers who are eligible for nomination will be part of the Round 1 voting block, which is set to begin Monday, June 22nd. The top vote-getters in each category will become 2015 Kelsey Award Nominees. The Nominees will be announced on Monday, June 29th. … Continue reading Who’s Eligible for a 2015 Kelsey Award Nomination? Find Out Here!