‘Into The Woods’ Ready to Take Both the Movies and the Live Stage by Storm This Winter

Christina Kosyla as "Cinderella" in INTO THE WOODS.

Christina Kosyla as “Cinderella” in INTO THE WOODS. (Photo by Martha Wasser – Amour Artistique Photography)

Fairy tales.

It’s amazing how much fairy tales affected us as children. It’s even more amazing how much they affect us as adults. As adults, we begin to fully understand and comprehend the deeper meanings behind these stories that we thought we had left in the past.

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MCCC’s Riveting Limited Run of “The Normal Heart” is Not to Be Missed

If there is one health scare that has been dominating the news this year, without a doubt, it is Ebola and its effect on the United States. While we should never undermind the seriousness of the Ebola virus, it is very important for us to remember that AIDS, which is actually a relative of Ebola, has been in the U.S. for far longer and has killed far more people. It is facts like this that make Mercer County Community College’s production of The Normal Heart quite relevant to current events.

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